Professor Jiang Yadong of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China was selected into the "Ten Thousand People Program"

2020-02-26 16:33:04 sunrise-auto Read

Sichuan Online News (Sichuan Online Reporter Zhong Fan) The reporter learned from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China that recently, the Central Organization Department announced the list of the first batch of "Ten Thousand People Program" leaders. Talent.

The "Billions of Project Leading Talents" was selected by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security to form an expert review team. Senior experts in various fields and responsible comrades in charge form the "National High-level Talents Special Support Plan Selection Committee" After re-evaluation, a total of 96 people were generated after the announcement.

It is understood that the “Ten Thousand Peoples Plan” is also known as the “National High-level Talent Special Support Plan” (referred to as the “National Special Support Plan”), which is under the unified leadership of the Central Talent Work Coordination Group. Each ministry set up a leading group to coordinate and coordinate, and a special office is responsible for specific implementation. Based on the principle of "selecting the best among the best and selecting the best from the best", the "Ten Thousand Peoples Plan" intends to select 10 thousand domestic high-level talents in the natural sciences, engineering technology, philosophy and social sciences in batches for 10 years. , Including three categories of outstanding talents (100), leading talents (8,000) and young top talents (2,000). Leading talents are divided into technological innovation leading talents (3,000), technological entrepreneurial leading talents (2000), philosophy and social science leading talents (1000), teaching masters (1000), and 10 million engineering leading talents (1000). Five categories. The "Ten Thousand Talents Plan" will provide special support to the selected candidates, accelerate the cultivation of a group of high-level innovative entrepreneurial talents that provide strong support for the construction of an innovative country, and form a high-level domestic level that complements and connects with the "Thousand Talents Plan". Innovative and entrepreneurial talent development system.