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  • Sensor series

    A sensor is a detection device that can sense the measured information, and can transform the sensed information into electrical signals or other required forms of information output in accordance with a certain rule to meet the transmission, processing, and storage of information , Display records and control requirements, it is the first step to achieve automatic control of the automatic detection box.

  • Sunroof series

    The sunroof controller can realize the functions of sunroof opening, turning up, jog, automatic operation, etc. Yes, anti-pinch voltage has a wide range of use, time protection, motor protection reliability is high, does not depend on specific sunroof types and other characteristics. Colleagues' functional design fully considers factors such as frictional changes and sunroof deformation caused by the long-term use of the sunroof, making the entire sunroof work more stable, reliable and durable.

  • Battery smart protection

    This product is mainly protected by the battery function The battery function switch is a management electronic switch and Hu control system. It uses a super flashlight to supply power through the booster circuit. It does not need to link the battery power supply. It is installed at the vehicle dashboard with emergency start buttons and work indicators. When the driver opens the door and enters the cab, please press the control switch button to control the electronic switch to work, turn on the vehicle power, and automatically enter the vehicle working state.

  • Automobile LED controller

    The automotive LED controllers produced by our company mainly include door welcome pedals, car projection lights, daytime running lights and other products, which make the appearance of the vehicle more beautiful, and also have the safety function of lighting and warning. The company produces automotive LED controllers with stable performance, tailor-made for each lamp, giving full play to the best state of LED, using single-chip control, low power consumption and high efficiency.

  • Controller series

  • Car Reading Light Series

  • Daytime running lights FPC

  • Yuba series


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